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Grade 12. Материалы для учащихся "Назарбаев Интеллектуальных школ"
Course GCSE ICT ==>

Topic of lesson

Presentation and exercises

Useful materials


Artificial intelligence describe spheres where artificial intelligence is applied: industry, education, medicine, gaming industry, society

Theory and exercises 2020
"Artificial Intelligence"


AI applications


Quick, drown!

The Development of Artificial Intelligence (on bbc.co.uk)

AI (glossary)

Artificial Intelligent

Artificial Intelligence Tutorial


Intelligent robots (on bbc.co.uk)

Top 10 artificial intelligence (AI) technology trends for 2018

За гранью. Искусственный интеллект (видео)


Virtual and augmented reality explain the purpose of virtual and augmented reality

Theory and exercises 2020
"Virtual and augmented reality"

Virtual Reality: another world within sight

What is augmented reality?

Pros vs Cons of Virtuel Reality


Declarative and imperative programming languages  compare declarative and imperative programming languages

Theory and exercises 2020
"Declarative and imperative PL"

Programming paradigms


Expert systems create a simple expert system

Theory and exercises 2020
"Expert systems"
Expert system

Expert system (Imperative language) create a simple expert system


Expert system (Declarative language) create a simple expert system

Theory and exercises 2020
"Expert system (Prolog)"

Stages of compiler design describe program compilation stages: lexical and syntactic analysis, code generation and optimization​

Theory and exercises 2020
"Stages of compiler design"

Compiler Design - Phases of Compiler

Course work. Stage Testing. Types of test data perform testing using normal data perform testing using extreme data perform testing using erroneous data 

Theory and exercises 2020
"Testing. Types of test data"

Theory and exercises 2020
"Test plan"


Types of programming errors describe execution errors at programme startup describe a syntax error in a programme code describe a logic error in a programme code

Theory and exercises 2020
"Types of programming errors"


Information security 

Data protection measures describe protection measures data and computer systems  such as physical risks, firewalls, encryption, biometrics, computer virus use data protection measures such as data backup and disk mirroring

Theory & tasks 2020
"Data protection measures"

Theory & tasks 2020
"Physical risks"

Theory & tasks 2020

Theory & tasks 2020

Theory & tasks 2020

Theory & tasks 2020
"Backup and Disk mirroring"

12.2A analyse ethical problems arising due to computer system cracking protect data from unauthorised access

Theory & tasks 2020
12.2A analyse problems arising due to malware    
12.2A explain privacy policies  analyse problems arising due to disseminating and using information

"Privacy policies" 2020  
12.2A use E-gov resourses Theory & tasks 2020

Creating documentation use headers and footers when documenting a project use footnotes when documenting a project use tables when documenting a project 


Copyright & plagiarism check documents using antiplagiarism resources name copyright protection rules

Theory & tasks 2020
"Plagiarism & antiplagiarism resourses"

Theory & tasks 2020


Methods of system implementation list system implementation methods compare the advantages and disadvantages of system implementation methods

Theory & tasks 2020
"Methods of implementation"


Project work. Installation. Implementation plan. explain the importance of making a system implementation plan make a system implementation plan

Theory & tasks 2020
"New system installation"


12.2C Project work. Documentation Theory & tasks 2020
"User manual"
12.2С Project work. Evaluation

Theory & tasks 2020


Types of operating system (part II) describe a real-time operating system describe a network operating system describe a batch processing operating system 

Theory & tasks 2021
"Types of operating system" 

"Types of operating system (part I)"


User interfaces define the advantages and disadvantages of a graphical user interface (GUI) define the advantages and disadvantages of a command line interface (CLI) define the advantages and disadvantages of natural-language and gesture-recognition user interfaces 

Theory & tasks 2021
"Types of user interfaces"

Fetch-Decode-Execute cycle explain three operations in fetch-execute cycle (fetch /decode /execute) 

Theory & tasks 2021
"Fetch-Execute cycle"

Internal Elements of the CPU (e-book)

Fetch/Execute Cycle (e-book)

Fetch-Execute cycle on teach-ict.com


System bus explain how data is transferred between different components of a computer system through the address bus, data bus and control bus

Theory & tasks 2021
"System bus"


Speed clock, word size, bus width explain how the clock speed, word length and bus width affect the performance 

Theory & tasks 2021 
"Computer performance"


RISC vs CISC describe the RISC architecture describe the CISC architecture compare RISC and CISC 

Theory & tasks 2021
"RISC & CISC architecture"

Addressable memory explain the principle of memory addressing explain the principle of storing programmes and data

Theory & tasks 2021
"Addressing modes"

Presentation for the lesson "Addressable memory"

Addressing modes (e-book)

Memory management. Paging and segmentation. explain principle of memory organization by segment and page 

Theory & tasks 2021
"Paging and segmentation"



12.1B Represent positive decimal numbers in binary Presentation for the lesson

Binary addition examples

Two's compliment binary addition examples

12.1B Data structures. Binary tree. Trees.pdf  
12.1B Data structures. Queues & Stacks.  

Visualisation "Queue"

Visualisation "Stack"

12.2A Hexadecimal numbers Presentation fo the lesson "Hexadecimal" Why do we use hexadecimal?
12.2B CMS, WYSIWYG and HTML web-editor Presentation for the lesson "CMS, WYSIWIG, HTML editors"

Building a solution

Which of ways to build a website is best for you?

HTML editor vs WYSIWYG


WYSIWYG and CMS vs. Hand Coding

12.2B Algorithm efficiency

Presentation for the lesson "Algorithm efficiency"

Presentation II "Algorithm efficiency. Time and Space"

Task 119 (acmp.ru) 119.pas


Знай сложность алгоритмов
12.2C Modular design Presentation for the lesson 

What is modular design?

Multimedia design

Modular design on wikibooks








12.3A Internet, WWW, intranet.

Presentation for the lesson "The Internet, an intranet and WWW"

Test "Network"

wikibooks (Internet, Intranet and WWW)

URL. Domain names.

Domain Name System.

Students' presentation Group III

Students' presentation Group VII


wikibooks (URI, URL, URN) 

wikibooks (Domain name)

differences between URI, URL, URN

What is domain name?

12.3A Client-server model

Presentarion for the lesson "Client-server model"

Form "URL, Domain name. DNS."


Types of networks

wikibooks (Client-server model)

Video "Client-server model"

12.3A Protocols

Presentation "Protocols" of 7th group

Presentation "Protocols" of 3th group

wikibooks (Protocols)

Common network protocols (youtube)

Network protocols (teach-ict.com)


Computer and network security.

User accounts, firewalls, authentication, passwords and digital signatures.

Presentation "Security mesures" of 7th group

Security mesures (firewall, digital signature, viruses)

Check your password online

12.3A Classification software Presentation "Classification software" of 7th group

wikibooks (Classification of software)

wikibooks (System software)

wikibooks (Application sofware)


User interfaces


Presentation "Types of user interfaces" of 3rd group

Presentation "Types of user interfaces" of 7rd group

Test "Types of user interfaces"

wikibooks (User interfaces)

User interfaces (teach-ict.net)

User interfaces (bbc.com)

Interfaces (bbc.com)





How operating systems manage memory.

Virtual  memory

Presentation "Memory management. Virtual memory"

wikibooks (manage memory)

virtual memory on teach-ict.com

Virtual memory (pdf)

Memory managment

Operating system - Memory management

12.3A Paging, segmentation and partitions

Presentation "Paging, segmentation and partitions" of 3rd group

Presentation "Paging, segmentation and partitions" of 7th group

Test "Operating system"

Disc partitioning (teach-ict.com)

Segmentation (teach-ict.com)

Pagng (teach-ict.com)

Paging and segmentation

Paging, segmentation, virtual memory

Disk partition

12.3A Methods of data access: serial, sequential and random access

Presentation "Serial, sequential and random access" of 3rd group

Presentation "Serial, sequential and random access" of 7th group

Methods of data access

Serial and direct methods

Ways in which Data is Stored and Read

Methods of access

12.3A Search engines.

Presentation "Search engine" of 3td group

Presentation "Search engine" of 7th group



Keyword-based versus Natural-Language Search

How do search engines work?

Natural language interface

How Do Search Engines Work & Why You Should Care

12.3B IP address and subnet mask

Research "Subnet mask" 7rd group

Activity "Define class for IP-address"

Types of IP address classes


MAC addresses

Presentation "MAC addresses" 3rd group

Presentation "MAC addresses" 7th group

wikibooks (IP-addresses)

wikibooks (MAC addresses)

Формулы расчета сетей


Routers and gateways

Presentation "Packet switching and curcuit switching" 3rd group

Presentation "Packet switching and curcuit switching" 7th group

Network devices

wikibooks (Router)

wikibooks (Routers, Gateways)

Router vs. Gateway

12.3B Packet switching   wikibooks (Packet switching)
12.3B Network faults   Error detection
12.3B Data validation, data verification  

Data validation

Data verification





Artificial intelligent  



Declarative and imperative languages

Presentation "Declarative and imperative languages" (III group)

Presentation "Declarative and imperative languages" (VII group)

Declarative languages

Declarative languages (Teach-ict.com)

Imperative languages (Procedural languages)

Classification of programming languages

12.4A Ethical issues

Presentation "Ethical issues (Hacking, Cracking, Malware)" (III group)

Presentation "Ethical issues (Hacking, Cracking, Malware)" (VII group)

Types of computer misuse

What is the hacker?

Hacking and malware

Computer Ethics

Law on Copyright and Neighboring Rights (Kazakhstan)

Data Protection Act (DPA on bbc.co.uk) 

Data Protection Act (DPA on teach-ict.com)

  Project work

Presentation "All stages of the course work" 

Presentation "Testing"

Presentation "Installation new system"

Presentation "User guide"


Database revision


Computer in society

Binary and data representation




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