Malware analyze problems arising due to malware


Many different types of threats are created to attack computers and networks. The most serious and widespread is malware.

Malicious software (Malware) is programs created by cybercriminals to commit illegal activities.

Typically, malware is installed on a computer without notifying the user.

Signs of a computer infection:

  • gain unauthorized access to a computer system;
  • change computer settings;
  • delete files and disconnect hard drives;
  • collect information stored on a computer without notifying the user;
  • open new windows or redirect to another page in the browser.

The methods of infection used by cybercriminals. For example,

  • User visiting infected website;
  • User has outdated antivirus software;
  • Downloading a "free" program;
  • Opening unsolicited email;
  • Computer infected by another infected host;
  • Opening attachments sent in instant messenger, social media, etc;
  • Insert a USB stick that you found in a public area.
Types of malware Description
Virus A program is hidden within another program or file, designed to cause damage to file systems.
Worm A malicious program that acts independently and can replicate itself and spread throughout a system.
Trojan Installed by a user thinking it is a legitimate piece of software when, in fact, it will cause damage or provide access for criminals.
Spyware This malware and keyloggers monitor user activity and send information to cybercriminals.
Rootkit This malware is used by cybercriminals to gain administrator-account level access to a computer and control them remotely.
Ransomware This malware encrypts files on the target and then demands that a ransom be paid for the decryption key needed to decrypt the files.
Adware This malware can display unsolicited advertising using pop-up web browser windows, new toolbars, or unexpectedly redirect a webpage to a different website.


  1. What is malware?
  2. Name three types of malware and describe each method.


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