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Copyright laws were created to protect the creation of unique works by authors.

Copyright - the legal right of the person who created a work to use exclusively or to grant permission to others to use it or when the creator of something has exclusive rights to its distribution and use.

For a 5 year old: Copyright - When you make something and you decide who can use it and how they can use it.

If the creation of an original work is not protected by car rights, then people will not have the desire to create something new.

People should get paid for their creativity.

Copyright may apply to the results of intellectual creative activity, such as...

  • works of science, literature and art;
  • performances, phonograms and broadcasts of on-air and cable broadcasting;
  • inventions, utility models, industrial designs;
  • breeding achievements;
  • integrated circuits;
  • undisclosed information, including commercial secrets;
  • etc.

A copyright notice should contain:

  • the word “copyright”
  • a “c” in a circle (©)
  • the date of publication, and
  • the name of either the author or the owner of all the copyright rights in the published work.

For example, the correct copyright notice for the current edition of book "Red knight", by Ramo Sari is Copyright © 2020 by RamoSari. 

International Copyright Protection

Copyright protection rules are fairly similar worldwide, due to several international copyright treaties, the most important of which is the Berne Convention. Under this treaty, all member countries — and there are more than 100, including virtually all industrialized nations — must afford copyright protection to authors who are nationals of any member country. This protection must last for at least the life of the author plus 50 years and must be automatic without the need for the author to take any legal steps to preserve the copyright.



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1. Explain the term "copyright".

2. If you listen to a song by popular singer on VK, have you broken copyright?

3. If you make your own song and put it on VK, does that mean you have copyright?


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Exam questions:

1) Copyright quiz


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