Physical risks

Physical risks

Data loss of computer systems can occur not only due to the intervention of hackers or malware. Computer hardware can be affected by fires, floods, shocks and common thieves. Therefore, you need to take care of the physical protection of computers.

In this case, the user should take care of creating a copy of the data in order to be able to recover the lost data.

Physical security includes the following aspects:

  • fire protection;
  • protection against water and fire extinguishing liquid
  • protection against theft or vandalism;
  • dust protection;
  • protection against unauthorized access to the premises.

Example protection against theft or vandalism:

  • Lock the room when not in use
  • Use cards or keyboards to activate locks
  • Screw computers to the table
  • Keep windows closed, especially if you are on the ground floor. 
  • CCTV video cameras
  • In large firms, security guards


1. Name the physical risks of losing computer data and explain how one of them can be prevented.

2. Explain why corporate servers are located in separate closed rooms


Ex. 1 (Prepared by Temirlan, Jangir, Milana, grade 12, group 1, 2021)

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