Testing. Types of test data perform testing using normal data perform testing using extreme data perform testing using erroneous data 

Types of test data

Test execution is a complex process that contains numerous stages. 

It is important to test algorithms to check how they perform under a range of conditions. This includes testing any validation you have created to ensure it performs as expected.

Data creation is one of the key activities for the test environment preparation. Each type of software testing requires different data, equally proper and sufficient. 

When creating a testing plan, the test data that you use shouldn’t be random values, but rather values that fulfill the following test criteria.

Normal data
Normal data is test data that is typical (expected) and should be accepted by the system.

Extreme data
Extreme data is test data at the upper or lower limits of expectations that should be accepted by the system.

Erroneous data
Erroneous data is test data that falls outside of what is acceptable and should be rejected by the system.

Task 1.
Applications at the school for participation in scientific projects are accepted from September 14 to September 23. The task by date should determine whether it is possible to send an application on that day.
Define test data to verify the solution to this problem.

To check the solution to this problem, we define test data:

Normal data Extreme data Erroneous data







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