Project work. Stage: User manual​

Project work. Stage: User manual​

User manual​ Marks
An incomplete guide, perhaps with no screen displays. Some options briefly described but difficult for the user to follow.​ 1-2
All but one or two options fully described (for example, back-up routines not mentioned). Mostly, the options are easy for the user to follow with screen displays.​ 3-4
A full user guide with all options described well presented (possibly as booklet) with an index and a glossary. No omission of any of the options available (including back-up routines, guide to common errors). Marks may be lost for inadequate descriptions of some options. For full marks, good screenshots help should exist where this is a sensible option, and be present in the form of a hypertext document. 5-6

User guide

1) Table of content

Headers of the main actions that a user can perform in the system.

For example,

2) Guide to using the main function of the system

Step-by-step instructions on how to perform each action, accompanied by screenshots.

For example,

3) Troubleshooting section with an indication of possible errors and how to fix them.

A guide to common mistakes

Error Cause Solution
Not all the fields have been filled! Try again! During the entering the system or registration process not all required fields were filled in. Fill in all the fields and repeat the operation.
Sorry, the login doesn't exist! The login is incorrect (doesn’t exist in the data base).   Enter the existent login (which was entered on registration) or if you don’t have a login please, follow the registration form.

4) Backup procedures

Create step-by-step instructions for the user: how to back up important data of the current system so that no data is lost.


5) Glossary

Create a list of terms and definitions. We take terms only from the user manual.

For example,

6) Index

Create an index of Word tools. Terms are taken only from the user's guide.

Video "How to create INDEX"

For example,

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