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Topic of lesson. Learning objectives

Presentation, Exercises & etc

Useful materials


Software Categories justify the choice of applied software and choice
criteria based on the goals classify application software

Theory and tasks  "Application software"

Presentation for the lesson  "Software Categories"

Software. Examples and types of software



Operating Systems. Types of operating systems. describe the purpose and main functions of operating systems compare single-user and multi-user operating systems compare one-task and multitasking operating systems

Theory and tasks "Operating Systems"

Theory and tasks "Types of operating systems"

Presentation for the lesson "OS. Types of OS"

Lesson on Bilimland "Types of OS"

Test "Operating system"


OS (youtube)

OS - Memory manager (youtube)

OS - Process manager (youtube)

OS - Process manager 2 (youtube)

OS - Device manager 1 (youtube)

OS - Device manager 2 (youtube)


Von Neumann architecture describe the interaction of CPU with peripheral devices

System bus describe the purpose of CPU components,
system bus and main memory

Theory and tasks  
"Von Neumann architecture"

Theory and tasks 
"System bus"

Presentation for the lesson "Von Neumann architecture. System bus"

Bonus. Presentation "CPU"

Presentation for the lesson "System bus

Von Neumann architecture and System bus on wikibooks

Computer organisation

System bus design


Main memory explain the differences between RAM and ROM memory 

Theory and tasks  
"RAM vs ROM"

Presentation for the lesson "Main memory"

Handout for student "RAM vs ROM"

Exercise "RAM vs ROM"

How computer memory works (video)

Difference between RAM and ROM memory



Cache memory. Virtual memory. explain the purpose of cache memory explain the purpose of virtual memory 

Theory and tasks  
"Cache memory & Virtual memory"

Presentation for the lesson "Cache memory. Virtual memory"

Online board "Cache memory & Virtual memory"


wikibooks (manage memory)

virtual memory on teach-ict.com

Virtual memory (pdf)

Memory managment

Operating system - Memory management

Paging (teach-ict.com)

Paging and segmentation

Paging, segmentation, virtual memory


Boolean logic. Logic gates. Truth tables build truth tables AND, OR, NOT, NAND, NOR, XOR

Theory and tasks  
"Boolean logic. Logic gates. Truth tables"

Build logic curcuit online Logic.ly

Biuld logic curcuit (drawing)

Check yourself "Logic gates & truth tables"

Check yourself "Define result of truth tables"

Boolean algebra

Logic game

"Logic gate"

Video lesson1

Video Lesson2

Video lesson3

Boolean on www.bbc.co.uk

Truth Table Generator


Simplification logic expressions distinguish between laws of Boolean logic simplify logical expressions using the laws of Boolean logic

Theory and tasks  
"Simplification logic expressions"

Presentation for the lesson "Karnaugh cards"


Circuit Simplification Examples

Laws of Boolean Algebra

DeMorgan’s Theorems

Boolean Expressions Calculator

Simplification (examples)


Classifications and categories of programming languages distinguish between generations of programming languages classify programming languages into low and high-level analyze advantages and disadvantages of high-level languages analyze advantages and disadvantages of low-level languages

Theory and tasks 
"High and low level PL"

Theory and tasks 
"Generation of PL"

Activity "HLL & LLL" (russian)


Generation of programming languages

High & low level languages (youtube)



LMC simulator analyze a simple program written in the language of assembler 

Theory & tasks
"Programming in Little Man Computer"

LMC online

LMC online 2

Little Man Computer: mini challenge

Memory addressing modes (BEST)


Trace tables use trace tables to find and verify the correctness of an algorithm

Theory & tasks 
"Trace table"

OLD Presentation for the lesson "Trace table"

Create trace table online


Translators analyze advantages and disadvantages of compilers analyze advantages and disadvantages of interpreters

Theory & tasks 

OLD Presentation for the lesson "Translators"

11.1C Project. Analysis Structure for course work   

SDLC explain the life cycle stages used in the solving of problems analyse the advantages and disadvantages of cyclical,
waterfall and spiral models

Theory & tasks

Theory & tasks 
"Models of SDLC"

Test "SDLC"

Test "SDLC models"



Data analysis. 
Compare alternative solutions describe data collection methods compare different data analysis techniques compare alternative solutions to a problem in order to choose the most effective algorithm

Theory & tasks 
"Data collection methods"

Theory & tasks 
"Alternative solutions"

Your Guide to Qualitative and Quantitative Data Analysis Methods

Practical Project: Analysis

Analysis on wikibooks and wikibooks2

Плохие и хорошие вопросы в интервью (стр. 47)


Data Flow Diagram  use data flow diagrams (DFD) to input, process,   
store and output data in computing systems

Theory & tasks 
"DFD. Levels of DFD"

Presentation for the lesson "DFD"

Example "Levels of DFD"

What is Data Flow Diagram?

Что такое DFD?


Flowcharts use flow charts to input, process, store and output data in computing systems

Theory & tasks 

Relational databases describe relational databases and their purpose use the terms attribute, object, index, record, table and tuple to describe databases define data types when creating a database explain the difference between primary, composite and foreign key

Theory & tasks 

"Relational database"

Theory & tasks 
"Data types of DB MySQL"

Theory & tasks 

"Primary key and Composite key"


Types of relationships

Entity Relationship Diagrams define the connections between tables in database explain the difference between primary composite and foreign key create an entity-relationship (ER) model

Theory & tasks 
"Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD)"

on Wikibooks

Examples of Databases 


Database normalisation define the connections between tables in database(1-3NF)

Theory & tasks 
"Database normalisation"


SQL query language.

DDL & DML. explain the purpose of data dictionary compare the data definition language (DDL), and the data manipulation language (DML) describe the basic SQL queries for working with tables in a database: CREATE, ALTER and DROP

Theory & tasks 
"SQL. Data definition language"

Theory & tasks 
"Data dictionary"

Theory & tasks 
"SQL. Data manipulation language"

Presentation for the lesson "DML"


Unit 11.2B: Designing a new system

SMART objectives

"Project work: Design" 

Theory & tasks 
"SMART objectives"


Project work. Designing a new system use data flow diagrams (DFD) to input, process, store and output data in computing systems

Theory & tasks 
"Data flow diagram"

Project work. ERD. Data dictionary define data types when creating a database create an entity-relationship (ER) model

Theory & tasks 
"Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD)"

Theory & tasks 
"Data dictionary"


Project work. Flowcharts of processes use flow charts to input, process, store and output data in computing systems

Theory & tasks 



Prototype discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using prototypes when developing solutions

Theory & tasks 


Hardware & software requirements define minimum requirements for hardware when implementing solutions justify their choice of applied software and choice criteria based on the goals 

Theory & tasks 
"Hardware & software requirements"


11.2B Intended benefits and Limits of the scope of the solution

Theory & tasks 
"Intended benefits and Limits of the scope of the solution"

11.2B Development frameworks PPT "Development framework"  

HTML. Structure of html-document create a site using basic HTML tags

Theory & tasks 2021
"Web development. HTML"

Presentation & homework

Online course 

Text for file table.html

Web-page constraction on wikibooks
HTML & CSS on wikibooks

Download Brackets 


HTML. Forms create forms for data entry using HTML tags

Theory & tasks 2021
"Web forms"


CSS. Tags <DIV>, <SPAN> use the CSS stylesheet when creating a site

Presentation for the lesson "CSS"

HTML <div> Tag

HTML <span> Tag

CSS Tutorial

Book CSS

Дизайн интерфейса веб-страниц


Script language (PHP) use script language to provide interactivity use various algorithmic structures in script language

PHP presentation of Group 1

PHP Tutorial

PHP Syntax

PHP Variables

PHP echo & print Statements

PHP IF statement

PHP Loops

Algorithm structures 













1D, 2D Arrays use the technical terms associated with arrays including upper and lower bounds select a suitable data structure for a given task (1D or 2D array) write program code using 1D and 2D arrays

Presentation for the lesson

"1D and 2D Arrays" (previous version)

Arrays (wikibooks)
  Bubble sort and Insertion sort Flipchart Sort arrays  

Binary search write a pseudo-code of binary search for the solution of a specific problem

Flipchart Binary search

Presentation Binary search

Test youself

Binary search
  Algorithm efficiency 

Big-O notation

Time and space algorithm efficiency 



lesson 3-4

Переменные. Константы.

Типы данных.

Variables. Constants.

Data types

Presentation for the lesson

Activity "Match English terms with Russian equivalents"

Activity "Data types"

Test "Constants, variables and data types"

Constants and Variables

Variables on Wikibooks

Data types on Wikibooks

Типы данных в Delphi

Правила хорошего программирования

Советы по стилю кода

11.1A Data types. Types of algorithms. Problem solving.

Presentation for the lesson



11.1A Subroutines: Procedures and Functions

Presentation for the lesson "Random numbers. Subroutines"

Activity "Define terms"

Random number generation (wikibooks)

Subroutines (wikibooks)

Local and global variables (wikibooks)

11.1C Fetch-Execute cycle

Presentation for the lesson "Fetch-Execute cycle"

Bonus. Presentation "Fetch-Execute cycle"

Activity "Registers. Terms and definitions"

Video "Fetch-Execute cycle"

Online scheme of work Fetch-Execute cycle

11.2A Compilers & Interpreters


Презентация к уроку "Уровни языков программирования. Трансляторы"

Compilers vs Interpreters – An overview of the differences

Трансляция кода

О компиляторах, интерпретаторах и байт-коде
Video: "Compilers and intepreters"




11.2A Sort arrays

Presentation for lesson

Test "Sorting"


visualisation sort

11.2A Binary Searching

Presentation for lesson

Test "Searching"

Linear & binary search

Presentation of Linear & Binary search


Binary search (khan academy)


11.2B Database

Presentation for the lesson "Database"

Presentation for the lesson "Types of Validation in Database"

Activity1 "Recollect (Remember) basic elements of database"

Tasks "Terms & definitions"

Introducing databases (bbc.co.uk)

Databases on wikibooks

Databases (teach-ict.com)

Data types in database

Data Handling: Validation


Практическая работа

Online course SQL: Select

11.2С ASCII & Unicode Presentation for the lesson "ASCII & Unicode"  
11.2C Data representation. Real numbers. Positive and negative

Presentation for the lesson "Representation negative numbers"

Activity "Binary_conversions"

Online calculator "Two's compliment"
11.2C Fixed point real numbers Presentation for the lesson "Representation fixed point numbers"  
11.2C Floating point real numbers Presentation for the lesson "Representation floating point numbers"

Floating point binary

Floating point numbers on wikibooks






11.3A Methods of creating web-sites. CMS & WYSIWYG.

Presentation "Methods of creating web-sites"

Presentation "WYSIWYG Serif Web-plus"

Online task "Web site design. Key words"

Practice "Basic Web Design"

Serif Web-Plus (видео)

Serif Web-plus (tutorial)

WYSIWYG (wikipedia)


Popular CMS

11.3А PHP

Презентация "Создание БД в PHPMyAdmin" (не доработано)

Презентация "Запросы SQL. DDL & DML"

Презентация "Запись данных с формы в таблицу БД"

Презентация "Выбор и вывод записей из таблиц БД"

Создание регистрации на сайте

User registration system (video)

11.3A SQL & PHP. User registration.

Presentation for the lesson "SQL & PHP. User registration"

Research "INSERT INTO"

File testreg.php

11.3B Project. Analysis

Presentation for the lesson "Project. Analysis"

Presentation for the lesson "Coursework. Describtion of problem"

Filled outline proposal forms

Outline proposal form (template)


Network. LAN and WAN.

Internet, Intranet and WWW.


Presentation for the lesson "Network. LAN and WAN. Internet, Intranet and WWW. Topology"

Activity "Компьютерные сети"

Activity "Network"

Play the Game "Topology"

Test "What is the network?"

11.3C Network. Network components. URI, URL, URN. IP-addresses. DNS.

Presentation for the lesson "Network. NIC, Modem. Client-Server & P2P. URI, URL, URN"

Presentation for the lesson "Network. Web-browser and Web-server. IP-addresses. DNS"

IGCSE "Networking hardware"
11.3C Network. Protocols. TCP/IP stack.

Presentation for the lesson "Protocols. TCP/IP stack"

11.4A System optimization. Virtualization Presentation for the lesson "Virtual machine" (rus)

Virtual machine

Virtual machine (teach-ict.com)

Virtual machine (bbc.co.uk)

Provision of virtual machine


Copyright and plagiarism.

Open and close software.

Test Software concepts

Copyright law

Copyright and plagiarism

Copyright on teach-ict.com

Open and proprietary software





Biometrics on teach-ict.com


Biometrics on bbc.com

Legislation and copyright issues (DRM)


      Packet Tracer (практические работы)
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