Relational databases describe relational databases and their purpose define data types when creating a database use the terms attribute, object, index, record, table and tuple to describe databases 

Relational databases

Relational database is a type of database that is structured and allows users to identify and access data which is in relation to other data.

A relational database is a collection of data with predefined relationships between them. Database data is organized as a set of tables, consisting of columns and rows. The tables store information about the entities represented in the database. Each column of the table stores a specific data type, each cell contains the value of an attribute. Each table is a collection of related values ​​that refer to a single object or entity. Each row in a table can be labeled with a unique identifier called a primary key, and rows from multiple tables can be linked using foreign keys. This data can be accessed in many ways, without the need to reorganize the database tables.

Table stores all of the records for a particular category.

Entity is an item that is represented in a database.

Field (Attribute) this is a single piece of data such as name, date of birth or telephone number.

Record (Tuple) is all of the data or information about one person or one thing.

Index a values of key field that help database management system to find and sort records quickly.

Primary key is the unique identifier for each record in a table.


Install XAMPP

What is XAMPP? XAMPP is the most popular PHP development environment, consist of

  • Database phpMyAdmin
  • Local Server Apachi
  • other applications

Database MySQL in phpMyAdmin

phpMyAdmin is one of the most popular applications for MySQL database management. It is a free tool written in PHP. Through this software, you can create, alter, drop, delete, import and export MySQL database tables.

Study Data types

Study Primary key & Composite key


1. Explain term "relational database".

2. Provide examples of database.

3. Give definitions for "table", "entity", "attribute", "record", "primary key", "index".


Ex. 1 "Terms & Definitions" (6 tasks)

Ex. 2 "Components of database"

Ex. 3

Test "Introducing databases"

Exam questions:


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