Application software

Learning objectives: justify the choice of applied software and choice criteria based on the goals classify application software

Application software

Software - consist of sequences of instructions called programs that can be understood and executed  by hardware.

Categories of Application software

Off-the-shelf software comes as a finalized sets of functions which customers can start using instantly.

General-purpose software - software that can be used for many different tasks.
Ex. Word processing software, Database software, Spreadsheet software, Presentation Software, etc.

Special-purpose software performs a single specific task.

Ex. Internet Browsers, Media Players, Email Programs, etc.

Custom software or tailor-made software - it represents the most personalized development approach.

Bespoke software - written for a customer's specific need.

Ex. Customer Relationship Managment (CRM), Business process automation system, Ticket booking systems, etc.

Comparison Off-the-shelf software and Custom software

  Off-the-shelf software Custom software (Bespoke)
Key Features

Fully customizable

Only required functions

Costs are different

Best practices

Not always meet needs

Low castomization level

Fixed prices


Cheaper than bespoke

Readily available, whilst bespoke may take some time to write

Able to perform multiple tasks

Probably less buggy

Usually integrates with other software well


The software will work exactly how company want it to work (Personal solution)

The software will only have the features that company specifically need in their company 


It might not perform all the tasks needed by the user

Not all required features 

Software will be expensive as you have to cover all of the production costs

It may take some time to develop the software, when special purpose software could be brought straight away

There will be less user support and online help

Exercise 1

Exercise 2 (Author: Litvinova Olga - CS teacher of NIS Pavlodar)

Exercise 3 (Author: Litvinova Olga - CS teacher of NIS Pavlodar)

Exercise 4 (Author: Litvinova Olga - CS teacher of NIS Pavlodar)

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