Software Development Life Cycle explain the life cycle stages used in the solving of problems

Software Development Life Cycle

When creating software, we go through several stages, we define these stages in the software development life cycle.

Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) - a series of events that occur with the system in the process of its creation and further use.

There are many SDLC models, in the middle school you learnt the most general model.

Key stages of the software development life cycle

The following are the key stages of the cycle:

  • Analysis. This is the first step, when the team decide what the software needs to do. The main point is to think about what the user will want from the program. At this stage, it might be a good idea to ask other people what they want from the software. Who is going to use it? What information do they need to input? What information or data does it need to output? Consider existing similar systems or determine how the current system works.
  • Design - the team work out the details of the program by breaking it down into smaller chunks. This includes thinking about the visual appearance and the programming behind the software. The team will use pseudocode and diagrams to work out how the program should go.
  • Implementation - the program code is written. Good pseudocode allows the implementation stage to be relatively easy. The code is normally written in a high-level language.
  • Testing - this involves testing the program under various conditions to make sure it is going to work. You need to think about what devices it could be used on and what might cause the program to crash.
  • Evolution - the software is ready to be launched, but after it has been launched you will need to think about how the software evolves. Software needs to be maintained to ensure it works on new systems. Smartphone apps are constantly being maintained to make sure they work on the latest smartphones and computers.





Test Development and testing

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