Prototyping discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using prototypes when developing solutions


A prototype is a model of the intended (future) system.

The prototype does not work but will allow users to see the way in which the web-site/system will function. Prototype will show screen layouts, menus, forms etc.


Development of a prototype will allow the customer to get a complete picture of how the system will look in the final result. Prototyping simplifies the design process by focusing on important elements of the interface. Having a prototype, the designer and the customer have a clearer idea of the final result.

During prototype development, the designer can receive customer feedback for improvement. As a result, the client must obtain approval for the prototype to implement the future system.

Prototypes are a way for designers and developers to test flow, interaction, content, and the overall feasibility and usability of a product before creating and designing a fully functional product.

Advantages of using prototyping

  • To enable the user to participate in the design process.
  • Check if the design meets the user's needs.
  • To help the designer understand that design is what the user wants.
  • Errors can be detected much earlier.
  • Missing functionality can be identified easily

Disadvantages of using prototyping

  • Time-consuming and expensive, especially if you are on a tight budget.
  • Prototype design can constrain a designer's ideas.
  • If the designer's knowledge is limited, it may not be possible to assess the complexity of the implementation, leading to unlimited development time.

Prototyping is essential for projects requiring rework, end-user feedback, and recommendations. Prototyping directly determines the direction of the entire project and its ultimate success. For successful prototyping, it identifies and fixes problems before they can adversely affect the final completed project and cause irreparable harm.

How to create prototype

You can draw the prototype by hand.

You can also create a prototype (wireframe) using special programs. One of the best apps has a large set of ready-made wireframe building tools. - a streamlined web app that helps you create and collaborate in real-time on wireframes, mockups, diagrams and prototypes.

You also can use shapes in Power Point to create prototype. 



1. Explain the term "prototyping".


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