Hardware & software requirements define minimum requirements for hardware when implementing solutions justify their choice of applied software and choice criteria based on the goals 

Hardware & software requirements

Hardware requirements

Hardware requirements are a set of minimum and recommended parameters required for a system to work collectively and without delays.

To determine the minimum hardware requirements for the operation of a future system, the following aspects should be considered:

  • The speed of the central processor;
  • The amount of RAM;
  • The amount of free space on the hard disk;
  • Graphics card parameters;
  • Monitor screen resolution;
  • Use of peripheral devices (for example, a fingerprint scanner).

For example, if our new system will load in a browser as a website, then we need to consider the system hardware requirements for web browsers.

Device Characteristics  Purpose of using
CPU 2nd generation Core i5
(2 GHz+)
To access the system, the client uses the Google Chrome web browser, so the CPU must support the maximum speed of the browser

The justification must be approached carefully. It is not enough to say that a 17 "flat screen monitor will be used because the question will be asked, "Why?" The choice must be justified.

In this case, there can be a lot of detail on the screen, so the larger screen will make it easier for my client to read. Using a flat screen monitor could help save space because my client only has a small table. These are simple points, but they serve to justify the choice made. All options must be justified by this level of detail, otherwise they will become your preference, and not a solution to the problem!

You must understand that the best possible outcome for the client is that the proposed solution can be installed and run on an existing hardware and software platform.

Software requirements 

Software Requirements is a set of programs required to perform all the functions of a new system.

The software required is determined for both the system designer and the system user, so consideration should be given to

  • System development software
  • System software

For example, if you are a developer of a new web system, then you will need a local or remote server to check the operation of the system.

Software Purpose of using
Apachi Cross-platform software, local server that allows you to develop and maintain an open source HTTP server for modern operating systems



1. Explain the term "hardware".

2. Explain the term "software".

3. Decribe what means "hardware requirements".

4. Decribe what means "software requirements".


Ex. 1

Ex. 2

Ex. 3

Exam questions:

1. Explain how hardware affects the application. 


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